3L Guest Writer: Onward to Bar Prep!

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Law school finals are over. I can’t believe that I have finished law school. Now, I just hope that I have passed all of my classes. The three years went by so quickly! And the bar exam is approaching so quickly as well. I am waiting to see where my exam location is in NYC so that I can book a hotel room. The anxiety is already building up.

I have started my bar prep course, but right now I am doing it slowly (bad idea, I know). I will be doing the Themis online course. I am also going to use supplements, such as the Critical Pass Flashcards. As of now, I have completed the lecture on Agency and am working on Conflict of Laws. And I am not even 1% finished. My goal for May was to finish all of the online lectures so I can give myself time to do practice exams for the next two months. I am not sure if achieving this goal might be realistic. I still have at least two weeks left.

In terms of organization, I had an idea. I was thinking of making a master binder (two inches should be enough) that includes materials about the UBE. I printed out the NCBE outlines for the MBE, MEE and MPT. I also have index dividers (A-Z) and each section is designated for each topic on the UBE, plus some study materials. I hope all of this will be worth it.

As people say, practice makes perfect. And that will be the number one goal this summer.

-- 3L at a law school in New York state

Guest Writer
Guest Writer


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