3L Guest Writer: Ready to Graduate!

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On my first day of law school, I met a few 3L students who told me that time would fly and graduation would be right around the corner. I didn’t believe them, but here I am preparing to graduate and giving the same advice to incoming 1L students.

It’s hard to believe that I will take the last of my law school exams this week. It feels almost bittersweet. I’m sad to leave my school (that has become my home away from home). During the past three years, my experiences at school have humbled me, strengthened me, and comforted me.

On the other hand, I’m beyond excited to begin the next phase of my journey on the road to becoming an attorney.

I will spend my summer preparing to take the Maryland State Bar Exam. In preparation, I have started working on my checklist of tasks:

  • Print bar prep materials
  • Get Critical Pass MBE flashcards
  • Watch bar prep intro video


- Amanda Odorimah
3L J.D. Candidate at University of Baltimore School of Law

Guest Writer
Guest Writer


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