It's Time to Start Memorizing

With just over three weeks left before the bar exam, you’ve probably reviewed all of the material you're likely to see.

But have you actually committed it to memory? Probably not. But don't worry. The three-week mark before the bar exam is usually a good indicator of when you should start emphasizing memorization.

The problem is, memorization is actually one of the hardest parts of studying for the bar exam. Not because it's actually that difficult, but because memorizing is boring and tedious. And with all of the content you have to commit to memory, memorizing for the bar exam can be totally frustrating and overwhelming. But it still needs to get done.

So how should you try to tackle memorizing for the bar exam? Start with one subject at a time and make sure you tackle MBE subjects before all others (for more on why the MBE subjects matter the most, read this). This makes for more efficient memorization and fewer freakouts.

As you get going, focus on no more than one or two subjects per day. Once you can handle one subject on its own, it's fine to start mixing subjects to further challenge yourself. As always, stick with what works best for you – different techniques work for different people. But make sure you’re flipping through flashcards and boiling the information down to its most basic elements.

When you’re memorizing, it’s a good idea to keep track of your progress. Be sure to make notes on cards that give you problems. On the other hand, if you’re confident that you’ve got a concept completely memorized, feel free to set it aside.

Again, if you haven't started memorizing, don't worry. You're not behind. As long as you're already familiar with the material, memorizing all the bar exam subjects is completely doable in the time remaining before the exam. It won't be fun, but it's one of the last challenging hurdles to passing the bar exam.

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