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It’s already mid-June now and time is running out. One of the things that is bothering me now is whether I am putting myself in more trouble by doing things my way rather than the bar prep schedule. My focus was to finish all the lectures first before I go into practice mode, but now I seem to be very behind. Was this a good idea to begin with?

After doing the lectures, my focus will be to look over the large outlines that Themis provided and highlight them and make my necessary notes. As far as the lecture handouts are concerned, my plan was to briefly read them and put those books aside. However, other people seem to think that the lecture handouts are more convenient than the detailed outlines, which should be used only when needed.

At this point, the test day seems to be just around the corner and anxiety has been building up a lot! As someone taking the test in NYC, the bar examiners have 3 locations that we cannot pick from. Rather, test takers will have to wait till 2 weeks before the bar exam to find out which location the test will be. This just brings the anxiety to a new level. For now, the focus is to start memorizing information the best I can.

For now, the focus is to start memorizing information the best I can. For example, I have been going over the Critical Pass cards and trying to break down the information in the cards so that it can help with my memory. I am just having so much trouble remembering everything. Hoping for the best going forward.

-- 3L at a law school in New York state

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