Guest Writer: I Feel Lost

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Around 50 days are left until the New York UBE, and I am so far behind! It seemed like yesterday that I graduated from law school. I am so far behind schedule for the Themis course that I have not done any practice questions yet. I seemed to be so focused on finishing the lectures that I have not been seeing the big picture. I need to practice. There are just so many lectures to watch that it is overwhelming. The MBE is 50% of the exam which makes it the most important part of the test.

I am not sure by finishing the lectures quickly (and Themis has us fill out handouts) that I will be doing a favor for myself so that I can use most of my time practicing. But, July is almost here. Plus, I am waiting for my email from the Bar Exam to see where the exam is for me so that I can get a hotel room.

I feel lost. There seem to be so many things going on with bar review, and on top of that, I have some family problems going on. On top of this, I still do not have a full-time employment opportunity, so my motivation is down.

The plus point to these lectures is combining them with my Critical Pass flashcards. The lectures are broken into segments and so I look for the corresponding flashcard and put in my notes if needed. This way, I don’t have to look over Themis’ lecture handouts again (they actually make you do that in their schedule).

I am very nervous about what the future holds.

-- 3L at a law school in New York state

Guest Writer
Guest Writer


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