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On Monday of this week, I graduated from law school. What an AMAZING feeling!!! Everything about graduation day was perfect. From the social media posts by friends and family to the bonding time with my classmates was absolutely perfect. The weekend weather went from cold and rainy (crappy) to warm and sunny on the morning of commencement. May 15, 2017 will be one of those special days that I carry with me forever. One stop on #JourneytoEsquire has been completed. I can now put J.D. after my name. 

The next stop on the journey starts tomorrow. I will be using Themis to prepare for the Maryland Bar Exam. I've also got my Critical Pass MBE flashcards to help me prepare for the multistate portion of the exam. I think I am ready for this upcoming challenge. I've booked my hotel room for the exam, arranged a few study group sessions and said my temporary farewells on social media.

Check out my blog post each week to see how things are going on my #JourneytoEsquire. I'll even post pictures when I have time. Wish me luck!

-- Amanda Odorimah, J.D.
2017 graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law

Guest Writer
Guest Writer


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