Guest Writer: Less Than 25 Days Left

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Less than 25 more days left until the UBE! Time is passing by so quickly and it seems that the work is not only building up, but I am really behind schedule. I have finished my lectures with Themis and my next step is to go over my lecture notes and put any relevant notes on my flashcards and outlines. After that, I will be going into practice mode.

Today, I decided to do an experiment that may be of help to others and some people might be already doing this. I am studying on my law school campus and so I decided to go on a walk around my campus with my Critical Pass flashcards (only one subject). Getting fresh air is important, especially around this time. I took my flashcards and walked around campus for 5-10 minutes. After doing this, I did a couple of practice questions. It was helpful overall.

At this point, July is at the end of the corner, and we all have to just keep on practicing and not let our anxiety take over (I know, easier said than done). Another thing to do is to eat healthy -- something that I have not been able to do. I just have this addiction to eating fast food and I can’t seem to stop it. However, in my mind -- I just try to think that this will be over soon and I need to study hard so that it will all pay off.

Now, as I am doing the practice MBE questions, one thing to keep in mind is that you should read all the answer choices before deciding on an answer. An issue that I am having with MEE questions is that I am having a hard time memorizing rules, which is the important aspect of this exam. I need to come up with a good technique to memorize rules.

-- 3L at a law school in New York state

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