Guest Writer: May the Force Be With Us

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Bar prep is in full swing. Morning classes are on and everyone is trying to stay on top of their daily assignments. Often each prep course will require you to stick to a calendar wherein different subjects tested on the exam will be dealt with on different days from May until early July. Interestingly, despite it being a bar "review," I'm understanding some subjects better than I did in law school. Or is it that the recap nature of the course is helping? Go figure.

Often we have to supplement in-class lectures with videos and quizzes, through the online portals or even the app. Only bar prep gives you the joy of watching a video together with other people in the library also watching the same thing. From discussing law school classes and professors, now discussions revolve around which speaker summarizes the concepts better than the other whilst others engage in debates if seeing the videos in 1.5x is better or a lesser speed.

Even elevator discussions downstairs to grab coffee expose one to differing opinions on how effective or energetic the lecturers are. Wow, people are seriously vocal about their likes or dislikes! Casual discussions among friends even expose insecurities about the courses chosen. i.e. Whether one big box bar review is better than the other. Either way we are all in the same boat (are we?), except Barbri people feel superior to the others, whilst Kaplan and Themis folks snicker at their ignorance (unlimited essay grading for the win!) 

Going through videos can be tedious and time-consuming especially since one has to work through an outline along with viewing lectures. Also, somewhere through the madness one has to balance the learning of the law with enough practice for the different parts of the test. At least now I know what MEE and MPT stands for and don't have to keep Googling their full forms. Some people have already blocked their social media profiles, whilst others have a constant forlorn look as if to suggest some serious mental anguish and physical torture is upon them.

The days of Grad week now seem like a utopia as one wrestles with the Rule Against perpetuities! One can't decide whether Property or Evidence is harder or, but either way there is a very helpful spirit amongst students by helping each other to keep track of deadlines and even discussing difficult areas. Almost everyone is averaging about 5 to 10 hrs per day at this point. If this is only Week 1, one wonders how the rest will be.

Alas, may the force be with us!

 - Samarth Chaddha, LLM
New York University School of Law


Guest Writer
Guest Writer


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