Guest Writer: My MBE Flashcards Have Been Amazing

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This week has been pretty good. I am almost finished learning the substantive material. Starting July 1, my study program will only consist of writing essays and taking practice MBE exams under timed conditions. I can't believe that my bar exam is sooo close. I think I have to start getting more sleep and waking up earlier so that I'll be ready for exam day.

My MBE flashcards have been amazing. They help a lot with memorization of black letter law. I have written my state law distinctions in the blank space on the side of the cards and added little notes along the way. I spend an hour every night reviewing flashcards and quizzing myself.

Time to get back to work. #JourneytoEsquire #OneandDone

-- Amanda Odorimah, J.D.
2017 graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law

Guest Writer
Guest Writer


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