Guest Writer: This Is What Progress Looks Like

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Things are going much better this week, even though I'm battling a cold that I got from someone at work. Despite not feeling well, I am almost caught up on all of my assignments. I completed an MBE practice quiz over the weekend. Let's just say that I'm happy to still have another 51 days before the real exam. At least I did better on the sections that I reviewed with the flashcards. Now I just need to review the flashcards for the other sections. 

I keep reminding myself that progress doesn't always mean that I get all of the answers right or that I get perfect scores on my practice essays. Progress is made when I learn from my mistakes and increase my score bit by bit. #JourneytoEsquire #OneandDone

-- Amanda Odorimah, J.D.
2017 graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law

Guest Writer
Guest Writer


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