Guest Writer: Trying To Keep Up

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As you know, I've been working really hard to get caught up on the assignments that I missed while I was sick. I'm still catching up, but I hope to be on track by the end of this week. I was hoping to take a day off for my birthday next weekend, but it seems that bar prep doesn't really care about my birthday. Oh well, small price to pay for my hopeful success. I'll just have to celebrate twice as hard next year.

I've been using my Property flash cards to memorize the different types of estates. So glad I didn't have to take time to make cards from scratch, because I really don't have a minute to spare. Sometimes, it feels like my brain can't add one more fact or it might explode. The grind never stops. #JourneytoEsquire #OneandDone

-- Amanda Odorimah, J.D.
2017 graduate of the University of Baltimore School of Law

Guest Writer
Guest Writer


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