Guest Writer: Worried About Burn Out

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Bar review is underway now. However, sometimes there might be situations in life that come in the way and distract you. Unfortunately, that is what happened to me. You then wonder what should you do when your mind is on other things -- but the goal should be only one: pass the bar exam.

I have finished lectures for a couple of MEE topics, but I have not made any outlines. My anxiety has been building up. At this point, I feel lost and wonder if I can make it to the end, especially with the things going on at home.

My strategy thus far has been to finish the lectures first and review the outlines and the Critical Pass flashcards as I finish each subject. However, I have not done even one graded essay yet, and this is really bad. I have been doing the assessment questions after each lecture in Themis, but I have not done any MBE practice questions.

For the Critical Pass flashcards, I read the cards out loud. I think that is a good way to study the information. I am thinking to make that a bi-weekly “ritual.” Also, going over my outlines as I finish each topic every week might be a great idea. However, it just all seems so overwhelming to me that I am worried I might burn out. My goal is to become an attorney and so I will put in my best effort.

It seems that studying at home is “deadly,” because there are just so many distractions. The best place to study is the school library. At least there is peace and quiet there.

Sometimes obstacles come in the way, and you need to find a resolution for the best approach to these obstacles.

-- 3L at a law school in New York state

Guest Writer
Guest Writer


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