Preparing for the February Bar Exam

If you're sitting for the February bar exam, now is the time to get started studying if you haven't done so already. Below are some tips to get yourself going now and get yourself in the right mindset for bar exam success.

1) Start studying now. Whether you're taking a commercial course like Barbri or going the self-study route, you should get going now if you haven't done so already. Starting this process again can be painful, but delaying isn't going to accomplish anything.

If you're doing a commercial course, start reviewing old notes now, even if your course has started. Get yourself in a space where you're familiar with the material before you have to get in-depth with it during the commercial course.

If you're going the self-study route, you need a plan. Just deciding that you're gonna do this on your own, or study X hours per day isn't enough. Figure out how you are going to review material, do practice questions, and make sure you have material memorized.

2) Think about your bar exam mindset. Studying for the bar exam is a long, arduous process. If you are repeating, you probably need no reminders about this (and you should really think about what went wrong last time (we'll have a separate post about this issue later in the week). So you want to make sure you are mentally and emotionally prepared for success. 

It's important to hit the ground running without grinding yourself towards a burnout. Think about how you want to schedule your time, what routines you can develop to keep you going, and how you are going to take care of your mind and body during the bar study process. If you are studying while working full time, find time to study in little bits throughout the day rather than cramming everything in before or after work.

In the end, a succesful bar exam study routine is all about balance

3) Find the right resources. If you're doing a commercial course, you'll be provided with a good deal of materials. But make sure you have everything you need to actually learn the materials. If you study best by outlining, then by all means you should outline. Obviously, we think flashcards can be very helpful. But whatever you think works for you, make sure you have those resources.

Good luck studying.

– The Critical Pass Team

Critical Pass Team
Critical Pass Team


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