Studying for the Bar Exam With Real MBE Questions Is Important

A huge part of doing well on the MBE is going through a lot of MBE practice questions. You should start early and often, as practice questions are immensely helpful for learning the law.

Real vs. Mock MBE Questions

But at some point during bar prep, you want to make sure you're using real, licensed MBE questions. These are real, past questions written by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) that have appeared on the MBE before. The NCBE currently licenses about 650 of these.

Most comprehensive bar prep companies provide you with a large bank of practice MBE questions, calling them "simulated" or "mock" MBEs. It's important to know that usually these are not real MBE questions created by the NCBE. Rather, they're written by bar prep companies. 

All MBE questions are helpful, but they're not equally helpful

That's not to say simulated MBEs are not helpful. They are very helpful for learning the law and how it's applied. But the way questions are actually presented on the MBE can be a bit different. And it's important that you familiarize yourself as much as possible with real MBE questions.

Getting access to real MBE questions isn't hard

Critical Pass has real MBE questions, and while this would be a natural point for us to tell you to buy them from us, you don't have to. There are other companies that have real, licensed MBE questions. You can even get them yourself from the NCBE. But - beware of “licensed” or “official” MBE questions that are not currently licensed by the NCBE. We're getting deep into the weeds here, but there's an important distinction: licensed MBE question banks often include retired questions that the NCBE doesn’t use anymore because they do not reflect current law or the way it’s currently tested on the MBE. If you're seeing "thousands" of licensed MBE questions advertised, hundreds of them will be retired questions.

Using MBE practice exams.

Practicing with real MBE questions is important. But just as important is reviewing the answer explanations, even for questions you got right. Reviewing answers alongside your notes on the subject matter is equally important because you're giving yourself instant feedback.

And again, you should be practicing MBE questions in small chunks from the beginning of bar prep. Start one subject at a time, and expand the number of questions and subjects as you move forward. Eventually, you should be taking a couple of full, simulated MBEs before the real thing.

Bottom line

The bottom line is this — make sure that you take a healthy amount of real, licensed MBE questions during bar prep. It's important to make sure you're studying based on the real thing before you sit for the bar exam.


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