5 Tips for Answering Any MBE Question

When it comes to answering MBE questions, knowing the material is only half the battle. You must have the right approach. Here's how to make sure you're giving yourself the best chance of answering each question correctly.

First, you should start with MBE practice questions as soon as possible, even as you're still just reviewing MBE subjects.

But with MBE questions, it's crucial that you answer them using the right approach. We can't emphasize this enough: How you tackle MBE questions can matter almost as much as how well you know the substance of the question itself. It’s truly important to have a solid and consistent method for answering MBEs. 

The MBE is particularly difficult in large part because all subjects are mixed together, and no question identifies its subject. So, one of the biggest ways you can help your MBE score is to learn how to recognize the subject while you’re reading the question.

How to tackle MBE questions

Let’s break down the best approach with five step-by-step tips that can help you identify the subject of MBE questions without distracting you from the substance of the question.

1. Don't start with the beginning of the question.

When you first see an MBE question, try looking at the call of the question first, before focusing on the beginning of the question. The call is the statement or question following the mini fact pattern in most MBE questions.

It may seem counterintuitive to start reading somewhere besides the beginning of the question, but doing so will actually help you better understand the question, primarily because the call will usually give away the subject and might even indicate what you're looking for within that subject.

2. Know the answers before you know the question.

If you can't figure out or narrow down the subject based on the call of the question, you can also glance at the answer choices. Together with the call of the question, the answer choices will probably give you enough information to identify the subject, or even the topic within the subject.

3. Read the entire question carefully.

This may seem like a given but read the entire question and all of the answer options before you select your best choice. Ready thoroughly but quickly.

4. Don't get tricked by answer choices.

When it comes to answer choices, be sure to read every one. Even if you think you've identified the correct choice as A or B, read C and D before you move on. Usually, you can eliminate one or two answer choices with some degree of certainty.

The MBE is known for getting you down to two answer choices that both seem correct. This is where careful reading comes into play. Beware of tricky word choice issues, but more importantly move on. It's better to have a 50% shot of a correct answer on a tough question than having a 0% chance on a question you didn't get to answer.

5. Mark up your test booklet.

Finally, make sure you're taking notes, even in the online exam and use scratch paper if needed. Make a note on key terms or facts. This helps you to stay active as a reader, a critical tool for MBE success.

Whether you use this five-step approach, or combine some of these ideas with other strategies, remember to craft your MBE approach. And of course, dial in your practice and prep.


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