About Us

Critical Pass was started by a group of young attorneys, all graduates of top law schools. Our team has passed bar exams in multiple states and has included former judicial clerks, big law associates, and government attorneys.

Here's why we started Critical Pass: we all took one of the traditional bar exam prep courses. They were helpful, but didn't provide a tool to help synthesize and memorize all of the information required to succeed on the MBE. So we set out to create that tool.

Naturally, we thought of flashcards and started figuring out what the perfect bar exam flashcard would look like. It had to succinctly boil down provide critical elements and definitions, but also let users customize that information to their style of learning. So we came up with our unique design and then began the grueling process of writing, editing, and re-editing. We kept going until we finally came up with the product we wish we’d had when we were studying for the bar exam.

Since then, thousands of students have used Critical Pass flashcards to help pass the MBE and get a leg up on the bar exam.