Can critical pass help you?

Ellie C.

July 2017 exam

"Well-written, color-coded, neatly organized -- simply wonderful. This set was the only thing that I actually liked studying from."

Jackson P.

July 2016 exam

"I swear they helped me pass the CA bar exam. I think they’re well worth it."

Seth B.

July 2017 exam

"I scored a 172/200 on my first mock MBE. These cards are gold! Bite the bullet, spend the money, and reap the rewards!"

DeAndra F.

1L Finals

"I used the Law School Flashcards for final exams and they were excellent. Make sure to mark up the blank side to put in case names!"

Landry W.

Law School Flashcards

"I really enjoyed using these during my 1L year. I used them the whole year and they were great for helping me in class, not just on finals."

MBE Flashcards

Pass the bar exam with the help of Critical Pass. Our cards break down all concepts you need to know to master the MBE. Color-coded, cross-referenced, and organized by subject and sub-topic, Critical Pass helps you learn and memorize for the bar exam.  

Each purchase includes free shipping and one year of full access to our mobile app.

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law school finals help flash cards

Law School Flashcards

Master final exams with Critical Pass. New for 2018, we now offer Law School Flashcards to help students learn core concepts for their first-year classes. Like our MBE Flashcards, all cards are durable so that you can write, highlight, and erase.

Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Property, and Torts are available now. Buy all six subjects and get $50 off.

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Critical pass on the go

You'll always have Critical Pass at your fingertips with our mobile app. Free with purchase of the MBE cards. Add your own notes, highlight, and search cards by keyword.

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