We want you to buy our cards. And we actually think they’ll help you. However, we don’t want you to sue us. So here are some things you should know about our product. There is no magic to passing the MBE. It requires hours and hours of studying. Critical Pass cards are designed to make the studying process easier and more effective. For the cards to work, you have to use them. You cannot buy Critical Pass cards, put them on a shelf, and expect to do better. That would be ridiculous.  

We do not intend our cards to be a comprehensive solution to passing the bar exam. Rather, they are a tool for memorizing the critical information likely to arise on the MBE portion of the bar exam. You should probably not rely on our cards alone, but use them to supplement a comprehensive bar exam course or self-study program. Also, you should do a lot of practice questions. They’re super helpful.

We cannot guarantee that everything on our cards is the correct law in every state at any given time. The MBE does not test laws of particular states. It tests common law principles and modern principles that are commonly applied across the United States. Additionally, the law changes over time. We cannot guarantee that the Supreme Court will not issue an opinion that renders a card obsolete. We can guarantee that we will update the cards regularly to reflect these changes. But unfortunately, we cannot come to your house and update the cards you have already purchased. That would be creepy. Anyways, don’t get too worked up about this. The MBE doesn’t usually test on recently established or unsettled areas of law. The point here is that we worked hard to make sure Critical Pass flashcards reflect the law as it is most likely to appear if tested on the MBE.

Our cards are made out of paper. Sometimes, people get paper cuts. We cannot guarantee that you will not get a paper cut. We wish we could. But we cannot.

You should not eat our cards. Even though they may be filling, they are not nutritious. In fact, they are made of many things that should not be eaten at all. If you think eating a flashcard is a good idea, we are concerned you may have problems beyond memorizing law for the MBE.

Is there anything we can guarantee? For legal reasons, probably not. But we can tell you this: we’ve worked tirelessly to make sure these cards are great. When you order Critical Pass, you’ll get the same cards we wish we had when studying for the bar exam. In short, we don’t think there’s a better MBE flashcard.

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