Be Your Healthiest Self for Law School Final Exams

It’s possible to stay healthy in law school. To help keep you focused, we have seven tips on how to stay mentally and physically healthy as you head towards your law school final exams.

1. Healthy meal prep

Meal prep doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. The important thing to remember is to keep up your grocery shopping so you have healthy meals and snacks on hand so you’re not left famished at the end of the day and left with only junk food. Whatever your food preferences, find a few simple and quick meal ideas that you can keep on hand. Keeping yourself nourished and hydrated will make you that much sharper on exam day.

2. Breaks

Take breaks from studying. Seriously! Small (or big breaks) can help your mind and body feel refreshed and can help you better focus when you get back to studying. 

3. Sleep

All-nighters are very tempting, but getting enough sleep will be your saving grace. Your brain will have the energy to power through finals if you give it the sleep it needs. This is especially important in the weeks leading up to final exams. You don't want to be on the edge of breaking down during finals week because you've punished yourself during the weeks before.

4. Movement

You don't have to run a marathon, but you do have to get your body moving. Going for a walk or doing some gentle stretches or yoga is a great way to release endorphins and keep your mind and body happy.

5. Manage your stress

You won't be able to de-stress completely, but finding healthy ways to reduce your stress is vital to a healthy finals week. Do what works for you, but choose healthy hobbies and activities so you're not creating stress for yourself later.

6. Supportive people

Surround yourself with positive influences and avoid talking to people who have a pattern of bringing their own stress into your life.

7. Distractions

Social media, binge watching, and dating apps to name a few, can really drain your time without you even realizing it. Go cold turkey during finals and the weeks leading up to finals if you can. You don’t want to get stuck down a Reddit hole and realize you’ve lost precious hours of your study time.

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