Do Your Family & Friends Know What to Expect When You're Studying for the Bar Exam?

So you're studying for the bar exam.
You may find yourself surrounded by friends and family who aren't familiar with the exam itself.

The next several months can be arduous for those sitting for the bar exam, whenever you may be taking the bar exam this year. It's important not only that you're mentally prepared, but that those around you are prepared for what you'll be going through. This is particularly true now, in the age of social distancing and sheltering in place, when one is more likely to be around their family. 

Friends and family members who have no legal background may not understand that the bar exam isn't just a test. It's probably the biggest exam of your life, and it will occupy most of the waking hours you have over the following two months or more. You can try to explain that to them, sure. But they won't fully understand until you're in the depths of it, and they may never really get it.

If your friends, family, and/or significant other aren't familiar with the bar exam, make sure to talk with them about it -- not just the exam itself, but also the studying process leading up to it. It's important that they know what to expect, especially in terms of the long study hours, limited free time, and reduced availability that you'll surely experience.

You can even show them a movie - the 2007 documentary, "A Lawyer Walks Into a Bar," follows several individuals through the process of studying for the California bar exam. It's old, but it captures the anxiety that comes with bar prep.

Overall, make sure your friends and family understand what you're going through so they can be supportive and to avoid creating strained relationships that distract you from the task at hand.

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