Take a Close Look At Your Bar Exam Study Habits

Now that you're midway through bar prep, it's time to take stock of how you're progressing.

Specifically, it’s important to pay attention to the methods you've used and determine what works for you and, more importantly, what's not working.

Is what you're doing working?

If you find that you’re getting behind, think about if you're getting bogged down in the minute details of subjects instead of focusing on the bigger picture. If you’re taking a bar review class and find that watching all the lectures isn't helpful, it’s OK to try doing work on your own.

Feel free to forge your own path.

One member of the Critical Pass team would watch lectures online at night and spend the day studying – she found it easier to sit and absorb lectures at night, then wake up and have energy during the day to study, memorize, and work on practice sets. 

Don't settle into passive learning.

It's also important to look at the smaller things, like reviewing notes or outlines. Pay attention to whether passively reviewing notes is helping you. People often find that they understand and absorb material more effectively when they're actively engaged, for example, by taking practice exams or quizzing themselves with flashcards.

Find the good habits and stick with them.

The point is it’s time to identify what's working for you and what's not. If something's not working, don't be afraid to change things up. Once you figure out what works, stick with it. Developing a sustainable and manageable routine is crucial to getting you through the bar exam with a passing score.

Good luck!


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