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Memorizing for the Bar Exam: What You Need to Know

When should you start memorizing for the bar exam? And what's the most effective way to memorize everything you need ...

Why People Fail the Bar Exam

It's important to understand the common reasons people fail the bar exam, so you can help yourself avoid the same fat...

Focus Your Bar Prep on the Issues that Matter

You can't treat all issues as equal during bar prep. You'll waste your time and put yourself at risk of failing the b...

A Step-By-Step Approach to Answering Any MBE Question

On the MBE, knowing the material is only half the battle. You need effective strategies for answering each questions ...

Mental Preparation Can Be the Difference Between Passing and Failing the Bar Exam

How to practice mental preparedness for the bar exam and why doing so can be the difference between passing and failing.

Should You Change Your Study Habits for the Bar Exam?

The bar exam is unlike any other test you’ve taken, so it’s natural to feel like you may ...

The Right Way to Study for the Bar Exam

Most people who pass the bar exam share common traits. Adopt these strategies and you’ll be putting yourself on the r...

Don't Fail the Bar Exam Because You Got Lost in the Weeds

A common bar exam pitfall is the failure to distinguish between what’s important and what’s not. Here's how to mak...

The Bar Exam Subjects Where You Should Focus Your Attention

Studying for the MBE isn't easy. But you can get a good sense of what subjects arise most frequently on the MBE if yo...

How You Can Master Essays on the Bar Exam

Doing well on bar exam essays is easier than you think. It's about the art of crafting bar exam essays. Mastering tha...

Why Mastering MBE Subjects Is Crucial to Bar Exam Passage

Why the MBE is the most difficult part of the bar exam, and how you can use that to your advantage during bar prep.

Can Outlining Help You Pass the Bar Exam?

Outlining is effective for law school. But should you use it when studying for the bar exam?
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