3 Keys to Success in Law School

Your first year of law school can make or break you. So as you start your first year, it’s important to keep three th...

The Right Way to Answer MBE Questions on the Bar Exam

Excelling on the MBE requires a strategic approach. Here's how to analyze MBE questions in ...

Memorizing in Law School (and Beyond)

In law school, you’ll need to memorize a lot more in a shorter amount of time. Her...

Acing Bar Exam Essays Requires a Different Studying Mindset

Doing well on bar exam essays is a much different task than MBEs. Here's a guide on how to ...

1L Law School: What is the Socratic Method and how do you handle it?

One of the most difficult parts of your first year of law school is adjusting to the Socratic Method. Here’s a guide ...

How You Can Master Essays on the Bar Exam

Doing well on bar exam essays is easier than you think. It's about the art of crafting bar exam essays. Mastering tha...

Why Mastering MBE Subjects Is Crucial to Bar Exam Passage

Why the MBE is the most difficult part of the bar exam, and how you can use that to your advantage during bar prep.

A Step-By-Step Approach to Answering Any MBE Question

On the MBE, knowing the material is only half the battle. You need effective strategies for answering each questions ...

Focus on MBEs & Game the Essays — Your Guide to Strategically Hacking the Bar Exam

During bar prep, don't waste your time on essay-only subjects. You're best served dedicatin...

6 Things to Know Before Your First Year of Law School

It's important to be prepared before your first day of law school. Here are six fundament...

Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing for the Bar Exam

These are the top three mistakes people make when studying for the bar exam, whether they know it or not.

Can Outlining Help You Pass the Bar Exam?

Outlining is effective for law school. But should you use it when studying for the bar exam?
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