Avoiding Burnout During Bar Prep

Studying for the bar exam is a long and arduous road. So take a moment to br...

Why People Fail the Bar Exam

It's important to understand the common reasons people fail the bar exam, so you can help yourself avoid the same fat...

Two Techniques to Raise Your 1L Grades

Many law students don't know how to answer exam questions effectively. Use these two techniques to craft organized an...

Knowing Your Individual Learning Style Can Help You Pass the Bar Exam

How to take advantage of your learning style and pass the bar exam.

Why You'll Pass or Fail the Bar Exam Based on the MBE

You pass or fail the bar exam based on MBE subjects, not secondary subjects. You should a...

Outline Your Way to an A

How to create efficient outlines that help you get a leg up on law school finals.

Focus on MBEs & Game the Essays — Your Guide to Strategically Hacking the Bar Exam

During bar prep, don't waste your time on essay-only subjects. You're best served dedicatin...

Being Your Law Professor for a Day Can Improve Your 1L Grades

Learning how to apply law is just as important as knowing the law itself. If you start thinking like a professor, you...

Sweating the Small Stuff During Bar Prep is a Path to Failing

Too often during bar prep, students get bogged down trying to master each and every discret...

Understanding Bar Exam Acronyms: MBE, MEE, UBE, & What It Means For You

How to understand what's on the bar exam in your state.

How To Be An Effective Note-Taker In Law School

Note-taking is a learned art for law school students. Use these tips to figure out how to maximize both efficiency an...

The Case For Reading Cases in Law School, With A Twist

Many law students make the common mistake of thinking that reading cases is a waste of time. It’s possible to rely so...
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