Game Day: What Should I Do The Week Of Finals?

Having a game plan for law school finals week will make all the difference. Try these 4 tips to get you started.

Help, I Have Exam Anxiety And Law School Finals Are Fast Approaching!

Your first semester of law school is almost over and final exams are fast approaching. Check out these 5 tips to assu...

Be Your Healthiest Self for Law School Final Exams

Seven tips on how to stay healthy, mentally and physically, for law school finals.

What Bar Exam Topics Does the MBE Test Most Frequently?

Studying for the MBE isn't easy. But you can get a good sense of what subjects arise most frequently on the MBE if yo...

Knowing Your Individual Learning Style Can Help You Pass the Bar Exam

Knowing and utilizing your learning style is a great way to improve your ability to learn and memorize information. C...

Save Time And Gain Points On Your Law School Finals

Running out of time happens on law school finals, but don’t let that be the reason you don't get the grade you str...

How to Use The MBE to Your Advantage

Most people think the MBE is the most important part of the bar exam, but also the most d...

Can Outlining Help You Study for the Bar Exam?

Outlining is effective for law school. But should you use it when studying for the bar exam?

The Simple Visualization Technique that Helped Me Pass the Bar Exam

Even if you’ve never meditated or tried something like this before, give yourself just a ...

Your Study Habits: Should You Change Them for the Bar Exam?

The bar exam is unlike any other test you’ve taken, so it’s natural to feel like you may ...

How a Mentor Can Help You Pass the Bar

By this point you've heard lots of advice on the importance of choosing a mentor to guide y...

Moving On From Bar Exam Failure

Studying for the bar exam as a repeater can be painful. It's a constant reminder of the past trauma of bar exam failu...
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