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Like Crime, Property is such a big subject that it's hard to predict what will be tested across the many MBE questions dedicated to the subject. Expect to see a fair amount of questions about land sale contracts, conveyances, and mortgages.

In particular, expect a lot of questions concerning recording statutes. We noticed that the estates system is not tested as much as we anticipated (that's a good thing, right?). But there will be at least a couple of questions, so you can't just ignore estates. Landlord-tenant law will certainly come up as well. A few specific issues to note:

  • Priority of recorded interests
    There's nothing too surprising here. Just make sure you are comfortable with recording statutes and recorded interests in land because it will come up more than once. (see Property – cards 52-54).
  • Land sale contracts and conveyances
    Similar to the recording system above, land sale contracts and conveyances will come up, especially as they relate to recorded interests.
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