Why Critical Pass?

The key to the MBE is memorization. You must learn and memorize critical definitions, concepts, and elements to identify correct answer choices.

Comprehensive bar review courses are helpful, but not when it comes to synthesizing and memorizing bar exam concepts. Books and lectures only get you so far when it comes to the bar exam. Critical Pass MBE flashcards bridge the divide between the learning and memorizing processes in bar exam preparation.

What makes Critical Pass bar exam flashcards unique?

The design and the content.

Design: Critical Pass offers the only customizable flashcard. Each card has designated space, so you can write your own notes, mnemonics or examples. This might seem trivial, but it's crucial: the process of memorization is most effective when you synthesize the information in your own words.

Content: Critical Pass is organized to maximize your understanding of MBE material. The flashcards that helped you on spelling bees aren't going to help you memorize complex bar exam concepts. Our content gives you more than just elements or definitions. Critical Pass flashcards explain the finer distinctions and provide extra notes and warnings for frequently tested bar exam questions. Additionally, all Critical Pass flashcards are indexed, numbered, cross-referenced, and color-coded so you can stay organized and track your progress as the bar exam approaches.

Shouldn't I just make my own bar exam flashcards?

Sounds like a good idea, right? But in reality, if you're making your own bar exam flashcards, you're wasting valuable studying time. You only have a finite amount of time to prepare for the bar exam. Each minute you spend making your own bar flashcards is a minute you're not learning and memorizing with better flashcards. Critical Pass puts the key MBE knowledge in your hands, so you'll have extra time to work on practice questions, essays, and anything else to give you an advantage on the bar exam.

Additionally, Critical Pass offers the same benefits you get from making your own flashcards for the bar exam. Highlight, write, erase, whatever. Anything you need to help pass the MBE, Critical Pass flashcards allow it.

To see what sets Critical Pass apart, check out our sample cards.