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The Final Weeks of Bar Prep - How to Get Yourself Ready to Pass

During the final two to three weeks of studying for the bar exam, you need to ma...

It's Time to Start Memorizing

With the bar exam around the corner, you’ve probably reviewed a bunch of bar exam material. But have you committed it...

4 Ways To Make Sure You're Not Overstudying for the Bar Exam

Why You Should Study for the Bar Exam with a Minimum Competency Mindset

One of the most common mistakes people make when studying for the bar exam is striving for ...

What Bar Exam Topics Does the MBE Test Most Frequently?

Studying for the MBE isn't easy. But you can find clues on what you...

The Failsafe Way to Analyze Contracts Questions

When contracts questions arise on the bar exam, it's important to both read and analyze the question systematically. ...

How To Use Critical Pass Flashcards

Four tips on how to use Critical Pass MBE Flashcards when preparing for the bar exam.

The Right Way to Answer MBE Questions on the Bar Exam

Excelling on the MBE requires a strategic approach. Here's how to analyze MBE questions in ...

How to Handle Civ Pro on the Bar Exam: Your Three-Step Approach to Civ Pro MBEs

On the MBE, most Civ Pro questions draw from three fundamental concepts, which form the sta...

Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing for the Bar Exam

These are the top three mistakes people make when studying for the bar exam, whether they know it or not.

Why You'll Pass or Fail the Bar Exam Based on the MBE

You pass or fail the bar exam based on MBE subjects, not secondary subjects. You should a...

The Bar Exam vs. Law School Finals: The Changes You Must Make

While there are similarities between your law school exams and the bar exam, there are ke...
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