Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing for the Bar Exam

These are the top three mistakes people make when studying for the bar exam, whether they know it or not.

Mental Preparation Can Be the Difference Between Passing and Failing the Bar Exam

How to practice mental preparedness for the bar exam and why doing so can be the difference between passing and failing.

How a Mentor Can Help You Pass the Bar Exam

The bar exam process is overwhelming. To put yourself in the best position to pass, find so...

Visualization & Mental Preparedness Can Be a Bar Exam Game Changer

When you start bar prep you'll be overwhelmed with information to learn and memorize. But e...

What Bar Exam Topics Does the MBE Test Most Frequently?

Studying for the MBE isn't easy. But you can find clues on what you...

Focus Your Bar Prep on the Issues that Matter

You can't treat all issues as equal during bar prep, because some are tested frequently, and others are rarely or nev...

How to Use The MBE to Your Advantage on the Bar Exam

The MBE is the most important part of the bar exam, and also the most difficult. But you ...

How To Prep For The Bar Exam Early While Avoiding Burnout

It’s never too early to begin bar prep, but it’s important that you pace yourself so you don't burn out. Use these th...

Two Key Changes To Make When Studying For The Bar Exam

Make these two key changes to your study habits to boost your performance on the bar exam.

Why You Should Study for the Bar Exam with a Minimum Competency Mindset

One of the most common mistakes people make when studying for the bar exam is striving for ...

Two Techniques to Raise Your 1L Grades

Many law students don't know how to answer exam questions effectively. Use these two techniques to craft organized an...

The Right Way to Study for the Bar Exam

Most people who pass the bar exam share common traits. Adopt these strategies and you’ll be putting yourself on the r...
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