Are You Studying Effectively for the Bar Exam?

At this point, most people have been studying for the July bar exam for some amount of time, be it a couple of months or a couple of weeks. Regardless of when you started, now is a good time to take a quick step back from studying to take stock of how well you're studying.

Specifically, figure out what's been working for you and, more importantly, what's not working. For example, if you’re studying with friends and it’s stressing you out, try a couple of days on your own. If you're going to a comprehensive bar exam class and not finding it helpful, try watching the videos online from a place where you can focus.

One member of the Critical Pass team ditched the suggested bar prep schedule, and instead watched lectures online at night and spent the day studying – it made absorbing lecture material at night easier and allowed for energy during the day to study, memorize, and work on practice sets.

It's also important to look at the smaller things, like reviewing notes or outlines. Pay attention to whether passively reviewing notes is helping you. People often find that they understand and absorb material more effectively when they're actively engaged, for example, by taking practice exams or quizzing themselves with flashcards.

The point is, even with the bar exam over a month away, it's OK to tinker with how you're studying, identify what's not working, and find your groove. If something's not working, don't be afraid to change things up.

Once you figure out what works, however, stick with it. Developing a sustainable and manageable routine is crucial to getting you through the bar exam with a passing score.

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