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Why You Should Study for the Bar Exam with a Minimum Competency Mindset

One of the most common mistakes people make when studying for the bar exam is striving for ...

The Failsafe Way to Analyze Contracts Questions

When contracts questions arise on the bar exam, it's important to both read and analyze the question systematically. ...

How To Use Critical Pass Flashcards

Four tips on how to use Critical Pass MBE Flashcards when preparing for the bar exam.

How to Approach Any Evidence Question on the Bar Exam

Evidence on the bar exam can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be. Here’s a six-step approach to use when tackling ev...

How to Use The MBE to Your Advantage on the Bar Exam

The MBE is the most important part of the bar exam, and also the most difficult. But you ...

Why People Fail the Bar Exam

It's important to understand the common reasons people fail the bar exam, so you can help yourself avoid the same fat...

Should You Change Your Study Habits for the Bar Exam?

The bar exam is unlike any other test you’ve taken, so it’s natural to feel like you may ...

Why Mastering MBE Subjects Is Crucial to Bar Exam Passage

Why the MBE is the most difficult part of the bar exam, and how you can use that to your advantage during bar prep.

Acing Bar Exam Essays Requires a Different Studying Mindset

Doing well on bar exam essays is a much different task than MBEs. Here's a guide on how to ...

Why You Shouldn't Worry About Essays on the Bar Exam

You can't ignore essay-only subjects, but you're best served focusing your bar prep on MBE subjects. Here's why if yo...

Knowing Your Individual Learning Style Can Help You Pass the Bar Exam

How to take advantage of your learning style and pass the bar exam.

Sweating the Small Stuff During Bar Prep is a Path to Failing

Too often during bar prep, students get bogged down trying to master each and every discret...

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