Have You Developed Effective Bar Exam Routines?

With just over a month remaining before the bar exam, developing effective and consistent habits is critical, especially when it comes to test-taking routines. This includes your routines the night before an exam, the morning before an exam, and during an exam.

Figure out what helps you gain your mental sharpness in the morning. How do you keep yourself focused and relaxed during practice exams? What foods make you feel best? How much caffeine is too much?

At a time when you're trying to wrap your head around all the material you need to learn, not to mention memorize, this might seem like the least of your concerns. But it's important to start developing the mental and physical form you want to have on exam day.

For example, if you've been doing a lot of late-night studying and waking up late, start adjusting your sleep schedule to get yourself up early. Find out what works for you and stick with it for at least a couple of weeks before the actual exam. This way it becomes a habit rather than another thing for you to worry about heading into Day 1 of the bar exam.

Finally, it’s important to gauge your time management on practice exams. You should definitely have taken at least one simulated three-hour MBE session. Moving forward, you should aim for at least one three-hour session a week, and try to do one or two six-hour, full day simulated MBEs before the real thing.

Good luck!

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