Mid-Bar Prep Check-In: How to Evaluate Your Progress So Far

You're about halfway through bar prep. it's a great time to evaluate your progress and consider what adjustments are needed to help you pass the bar exam.

Here are a few questions you can ask to take stock of your overall progress when studying for the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE).

1. What are your weakest MBE subjects?

Identify which MBE subjects are giving you the most headaches and build in some extra time to work on them. Even 20 or 30 minutes of extra flash card work here and there can be a great way to address a challenging subject. That being said: be careful not to get too overly focused on one subject to the detriment of others. Make sure you're following your schedule and consistently moving through all of the ground you need to cover.

2. How's Your Energy Holding Up?

We've written before about the importance of keeping yourself rested and healthy throughout the summer. A steady, even pace is absolutely necessary to prevent burnout and to make sure that you're finishing on a strong note. If you're lacking in energy or sleep, make the corrections you need to get back on track and perform at your best. Remember that you won't be able to execute and perform at a high level unless you're in a good mental and physical state come test time.

3. How is your study strategy working out?

Think about your study habits so far. Have you settled into a good routine that is working well, or are there some things you could change or do better? If you're going to make any tweaks, now is a good time to make them. You won't want to mess with your schedule or habits as you head into the home stretch.

And also remember this: keep up the hard work and be confident in your preparation. It's easy around this time of summer--once you start taking practice tests--to get discouraged or to think that how you've been studying isn't working. You have all the tools you need to adequately prepare for the bar exam, so use them and be confident that you're doing everything you need to pass.

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