Knowing Your Individual Learning Style Can Help You Pass the Bar Exam

Knowing and utilizing your learning style is a great way to improve your bar exam performance. 

People learn differently. Even within law school and among practicing lawyers, different techniques work for different people. This make almost too much sense in theory, but we often don't consider these differences when it comes to studying, particularly studying for the bar exam.

Although most bar prep courses are taught one way, that may not be your best learning style. So it's important to figure out what works best for you as you head towards the most important exam of your life.  

Below are broad categories of different learning styles. It's important to take a look and identify yourself, so you can understand what works best for you during bar prep.

Once you know your personal learning style or styles try out the tips below to get the most of your Critical Pass cards. Don’t be afraid to try out different things, particularly if you have high scores in more than one category.

Visual learners

Visual learners like maps, diagrams, charts, graphs, flow charts, and symbols.

  • Utilize the blank space on the card draw mini charts or pictures of the content
  • Highlight the elements of the of the law in the color of the subject you're working on
  • Use the cards to create larger color-coded charts 
Aural learners

Aural learners like lectures, group discussion, listening to the radio, podcasts, speaking, and talking things out.

  • Read the cards out loud
  • Use the spoken word feature on the Critical Pass App
  • Use the cards to create mnemonic devices
  • Use the cards to “teach” the law to a willing friend or family member
Read/write learners

Read/write learners like reading and writing in all of its forms including manuals, reports, essays, and assignments. A read/write learner might find it helpful to make a more traditional law school style outline.

  • Handwrite the information on the cards in your own words
  • Turn the cards into short law school style outlines for each subject
  • Utilize the blank space on the cards to summarize the content in your own words
Kinesthetic learners

Kinesthetic learners like flash cards, moving around while reviewing, using concrete personal experiences, examples, practice or other simulations.

  • Utilize the blank space on the cards to write out the key elements from the card. Then, use them as traditional flashcards.
  • Utilized the black space on the cards to write out examples that illustrate how the law works.  
  • Read through your cards while walking or pacing around your study space

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