Visualization & Mental Preparedness Can Be a Bar Exam Game Changer

Effective bar prep is more than how much you know.

During bar prep, you get overwhelmed with information to learn and memorize. You may already be feeling that. It's easy to get caught up in the grind of actual studying.

But you shouldn't only think about the actual bar exam through the lens of "how much can I know." You also need to think about "how well can I perform based on what I know."

Visualizing can be a great way of helping you boost your mental performance on the bar exam. Specifically, you want to practice visualizing how you’ll want to feel during different situations of the bar exam.


Visualization is a technique you can use to ease the natural anxiety that accompanies the bar exam. During bar prep, try taking 2-3 minutes every day to sit quietly and visualize various scenarios. Truly try visualizing, meaning sitting in a quiet room with your eyes closed.

What to focus on

For example, think about the first morning of the first day; the buildup to the moment when the exam begins. Picture yourself sitting there and visualize yourself feeling confident.

  • Practice picturing yourself sitting down to your computer feeling calm and unaffected by the stress of those around you.
  • Visualize difficult scenarios, because you will face difficulties, whether it’s an essay question that stumps you or you’re running out of time on the MBE.
  • Visualize these scenarios and think about how you’d best want to handle it. Then picture yourself doing it.
It's worth it

This may sound strange or a little out there, but this is a highly effective tool used by performers at the highest level of art, athletics, and education to make sure they are prepared and able to put on their best performance when it counts.

Take a couple minutes each day to practice visualizing yourself taking the bar exam and doing so confidently. It will help turn your visualizations into reality.


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