Three Straightforward Ways To Stay Motivated During Bar Exam Prep

Bar prep can be long and grueling, especially this year. You will inevitably hit moments of frustration and failure. The key is not letting these moments throw you off and staying focused on the bigger picture.

There are proven ways to make sure you stay on the path to passing the bar exam. Here are our three favorite tips.

Tip 1: Create an individualized plan.

Your bar review course will supply you with an effective study plan. However, you might find that it’s hard to stay motivated because it’s not personalized to you.

As you start to understand your strengths and weaknesses better you can begin to modify it and create your own daily goals.

Spending more time on subjects you struggle with will not only boost your score but will also keep you challenged and motivated during bar prep.

Tip 2: Track your goals and reward yourself.

Create a tracker of your goals so you have a visual reminder of your progress. Focus goals around concrete items like hitting a certain percentage of correct answers on practice exams, drilling flashcards on a certain subject, etc.

As you track your goals daily, create rewards for yourself if you meet all your study goals for that day. They don’t have to be big or overindulgent rewards, just something that brings you joy.

Tip 3: Stay positive.

If you tell yourself it’s not going well or you think you’re not going to pass, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Don’t put negative thoughts into the ether. Focus on what you need to do to succeed, not why you won’t. Visualize yourself doing the work you need to do in order to pass and believe in yourself.


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