Use Visualization for an Easy Bar Prep Head Start

Get your mindset right for the bar exam 

The July bar exam is still many weeks away. But the pressure and intensity of bar prep has already ramped up. You've inevitably thought about the bar exam a lot — the pressure, the amount of work, how you'll grasp learning and memorizing all that information.

Thinking about all that is natural. But instead of just thinking about what lies ahead, one of the best tools you can turn to is visualization. You can use easy visualization techniques now to get yourself in the best shape when bar prep is well underway.

Why visualization?

Visualization is a technique you can use to ease the natural anxiety that accompanies the bar exam. More importantly, it can help you gain confidence and clarity during bar prep. By focusing your mind on how you want to feel during bar prep and on Day One of the bar exam, you can manifest those feelings when bar prep starts and when the bar exam itself arrives.

What you can do

From here on out, try taking 2-3 minutes every day to sit quietly and visualize various scenarios. Try to see yourself studying for the bar exam, knowing where you'll be studying. See yourself sitting there, knowing that you have a lot of work to do, but feeling confident that you have the experience and confidence to get it done.

Create a mental picture of taking practice essays and MBEs and, more importantly, how you want to feel doing that work — focused, but not frenzied. Calm, but engaged.

The most important aspect is to focus on how you want to feel during these different scenarios.

It's worth it

This may sound strange or a little out there, but this is a highly effective tool used by performers at the highest level of business, art, athletics, and education to make sure they are prepared and able to put on their best performance when it counts.

So, during these last few weeks, take a couple minutes each day to practice visualizing yourself taking the bar exam and doing so confidently. It will help turn your visualizations into reality.



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