Three Ways You Can Use a Bad Practice MBE To Your Advantage

After taking a simulated or mock MBE exam, many people get frustrated, overly worried, and fixate on their score. Focusing on the score, especially if it’s not good, is not productive.

Instead, focus on what happened that caused that score, and moreover, how you can use this practice exam to your advantage.

Here are three ways to evaluate your practice exams:

1. Review

Go over every question. Yes, that means reviewing all 200 questions, both the ones that were correct and incorrect. It’s important to proactively review each question and read the answer explanations. This will not only help you see why you missed specific questions or why you were lucky to get a question right (sometimes it’s just luck), but it will also help you learn to apply the law.

2. Revamp

As you review all the questions, make note of your weaknesses and strengths. Use this information to revamp your study schedule so you can refocus your time and energy on subject areas that are more challenging for you. It’s important, especially as the clock starts to wind down, that you start studying smarter (and harder).

3. Rehearse

Once you know your areas of weakness, there’s only one thing left to do. Practice those questions over and over again. Then, rehearse answering those questions in a similar way and setting as you will when you sit for the bar. The more practice questions you do, the better.

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