Help, I Have Exam Anxiety And Law School Finals Are Fast Approaching!

Your first year of law school is almost over and final exams are fast approaching. You’re probably having flashbacks to the anxiety-ridden days of your last finals.

Don’t let history repeat itself -- check out these 5 tips to assuage your exam anxiety:

1. Identify the Source. First things first, identify what specifically makes you uneasy and uncomfortable. It may be what percent of your grade is based on this one exam or that it’s graded on a curve. Naming it is the first step to tackle it.


2. Make Exam Goals. Write down clear and defined goals from now until exams. For example, you may create a goal to review class notes twice a week or have outlines completed one week before finals. That way when your anxiety is at its highest, you’ll be able to look at your goals and know you are on a path to success.

Note: Creating a schedule and incorporating those goals to a calendar is a great way to not only prepare, but lessen your anxiety.

3. Find What Relaxes You. Now that you’ve named your anxiety, it’s time to figure out what calms you. Make a list of what activities (and people) help you calm down. So when you feel that crushing anxiety coming on, you can take 10 minutes (at least) to remove yourself and refocus.

4. Set Boundaries With Some People. Keeping your perspective bright and remaining focused is key to lowering your anxiety, but that can be hard when you are surrounded by anxious people or classmates who are consistently negative. Limit the time you spend with them, at least leading up to exams and during exams.

5. Find Your Oasis. Find a study space that not only helps you study AND lowers your stress level. Sometimes the library can be more stressful, so find a place that has everything you need and none of those bad vibes or anxious/negative people.


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