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How to Use MBE Practice Exams to Maximize Your Bar Prep

Practice exams are a key part of doing well on the bar exam, especially the MBE. But you should make sure you're usin...

Save Time And Gain Points On Your Law School Finals

Try these five tips to help you save time and gain more points on your law school finals.

Three Ways You Can Use a Bad Practice MBE To Your Advantage

Don't get frustrated over a bad MBE practice score, use it to your advantage. Here are three ways to evaluate y...

Are You Studying Effectively for the Bar Exam?

It's important to figure out what's working for you in your bar exam study routine. But more importantly, you need to...

Creating Your Personal Exam Day Plan

Making an exam day plan is a great way to avoid stress on test days. Here's a few quick tips on how to make one.

Game Day: What Should I Do The Week Of Finals?

Having a game plan for law school finals week will make all the difference. Try these 4 tips to get you started.

Help, I Have Exam Anxiety And Law School Finals Are Fast Approaching!

Law school final exams are fast approaching. Check out these 5 tips to assuage your exam anxiety.

Three Ways You Can Use a Bad Practice MBE To Your Advantage

Instead of focusing on a bad MBE practice score, focus on how you can use this practice exam to your advantage. He...

Start Bar Exam Prep During the Holidays

It's the holidays, but if you're planning to re-take the bar exam in February, you probably only have one thing on yo...

Earn Money During Bar Prep as a Critical Pass Student Rep

Do you want to use Critical Pass and earn some cash during bar prep? Email us about becoming a student rep. Here's ho...

Get Ready for Bar Exam Studying

Beginning the bar exam study process can be daunting and the whole experience can be overwhelming. But it's important...

Thinking About The Bar Exam Before Graduation

If you have just a few minutes before law school graduation, there’s some easy work you can do now to give yourself a...
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